Time to grow up. Response to Syria ignores observer deadline – November 25, 2011, Khaleej Times

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Syria ignores observer deadline

25 November 2011, 4:30 PM

DAMASCUS — An Arab League deadline for Damascus to accept observers or face sanctions passed Friday with no response from Syria, as activists reported more deaths and anti-regime protests inside the country.
THE FOLLOWING COMMENT WAS NOT PUBLISHEDThe Arab League’s actions will be watched closely by the international community.

Peace and stability in the region is necessary if only to keep Israel off balance (and to give the US more power to “influence” Israel).

Even one cruise missile within view of the Burg Khalifa will devastate all the economic progress in the Middle East.

It is not the International community’s responsibility to continually intervene in the Middle East.

The Middle East must take responsibility to maintain the peace.

An Israeli attack on Iran would be, in 2011, more the fault of the Arab League than any other party.

The Arab League is the body that can communicate with all parties.

The prosperous Arab League members have the military power to enforce their decisions.

It is time they use whatever means possible to defuse the situation.

They must control Iran, they must control Syria, they must step in to create effective government in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Syria.

The Arab League is playing with the big boys now.

It is time to step forward and take the actions required by the responsibility they seem to want.

If not, they will remain colonial states, bringing in “daddy” to solve their problems and look after their interests.

Time to grow up.

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