Syria: Why “I told you so” is . . .

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Children, dead. Families, dead. Citizens, dead. A nation, dying.

There was never any chance that the Syrian leaders would EVER adhere to a “peace”, “ceasefire”, or whatever mission. EVER.

On April 1st I asked in my blog: “Is there anyone left who still believes Syria will live up to its promises?”

And YET the insanity goes on.

The quoted attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

How do those who “could” do something sit back and do nothing? Because, of course, doing nothing creates no change, no risk of being wrong, no missing the barbecue in the backyard in an hour.

“Make the universal, personal,” is my recommendation for all speakers.

The quote, attributed to Stalin, “One death is a tragedy, a millions deaths is a statistic” emphasizes the need to bring the blood, guts, smell, pain, and taste of war directly into the very rooms of the “leader’s” home. Not to purely or indeed primarily to shock, but rather to be a stimulus to action.

A short media clip. A holographic presentation. The family unit, past – living, present – dying, future – what future?

Seeing the present not as an “at a distance” representation, but an “in-your-face” reality.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

A closed mind, a mind steeped in the circularity of contempt for facts, a heart so inured to pain, it no longer feels anything.

Syria is falling apart. President Bashar al-Assad has reacted the only way he “could” based on his family, his religion, and his tribal heritage. He, and his beautiful wife, live inside the bubble of pleasure and peace. Their Syria is the Syria inside that bubble.

Orders to “protect” become orders to “massacre”, promises to “stop” become “lies” to gain time, Syria is my “country” becomes my country is where my “money” is.


“Knowledge is power” becomes “ignorance is blind”?

“Just because we choose to ignore the facts, does not make them go away.”

Everything I write seems so trite. Why should I care about the carnage taking place half a world away. Who gives a “proverbial” s _ _ _ ? Let the bullets pull bodies apart, spurting blood, silencing laughter, love, cuddles, and hugs. Why bother? Let the bombs, shells, rockets and mortars splay blood, guts, brains, lungs, legs, arms, eyes, hearts across the Syrian killing grounds. Why bother?

Maybe I am just not masculine enough. Maybe I have too much empathy. Maybe I care too much. “Really Tom” I hear my detractors saying, “children dying in Syria, what possible attachment do you have with them?”

Forget it. JUST FORGET IT.

Don’t want the facts? Don’t expose yourself to ANY media.

But, but, but, but, but – I can’t forget it. And if you can, well you haven’t read this far . . .

What’s next?

Killing young children cannot be an acceptable, truly human, answer. EVER.

What’s next?

Why do guns and bullets bring about insanity?

What’s next?

I want so much to believe in some sort of “higher” power, or “higher” goodness, that can “come down” and “make the world a better place”. Yet the only things I can imagine are the polar opposites of annihilation or “soma” (Brave New World).

How do “we”, homo sapiens sapiens, find and choose, a way of being that could be called  achieving full “homo sapiens sapiens” actualization.

(Self Actualization is the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, esp. considered as a drive or need present in everyone.)

Maybe there is no way.

Let them die.


What’s next?



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