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Barak Obama, The Last American President

Posted on: September 17th, 2014 by Tom Pattillo No Comments

Wednesday, September 17, ????

Barak Obama, The Last American President

Death: Drugged State
Bunker: Deepest and Most Secure
Radiation Poisoning
Joins his wife and daughters (80% of Americans)

Coalition of the Insane against coalition of the Insane
There but a 8 million left
Spread around the globe
90% of survivors will die from radiation poisoning
Decomposition on hold due to Nuclear Winter
Validity of reports questioned

World-wide Communications: Non-existent
Heath Services: Non-existent
Survival Clothing: Non-existent
Food Supply: Non-existent
Likelihood of survival: Non-existent

Sustained cries of “I told you so” petering out as survivors die

One lone survivor weeps to himself: It is all over.

The final human being slowly and exorably closes her eyes and there is the world wide silence of the last of, the now extinct, Homo Sapiens Sapiens species

Cue “Cheering”: A quadrillion cockroaches roar!