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Mr. Harper goes up north and exhibits his inner “Putin”

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AU1615 Harper:Putin

The Canadian Federal election: please see beyond the ideology.

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My challenge is to have those of my friends committed to the ideas espoused by the purveyors of easy answers (simple answers) to complicated problems.

I ask them to open the blue paint can that cannot be opened. (This metaphor is explained in my most recent blog.)

I am pleading for everyone of the committed conservative voters to please, please, please look behind the veil of the current government’s secrecy and propaganda methods.

These messages are designed to manipulate those very intelligent people who “think” they have it all figured out, and who now just vote out of ideological habit.

Please take a look at the current government with clear eyes; with a sincere, objective, and humane consideration of the “real” world.

The promised utopian society is only achieved when all dissent is prohibited.

Slavery only works by keeping slaves completely uninformed about the world outside of their slavery.

Canadians, grab your freedom to think on your own.

Canadians, think of the Canada you want.

Canadians think of the Canada you want for generations to come.

I grew up in a Canada that was proud to be a “peacekeeping nation”, proud to be an environmental world leader, proud to have a strong public voice to balance those concerned only with a profit criteria for success, proud to listen and admire the CBC, proud to be acknowledged as a world leader in documentary film making, proud to be a citizen of a nation committed to the health care standard of the democratic world.

And proud that the Canadian patch identifying me as a person to be trusted, objective, and “polite” have been replaced by derision based on one person’s desire for Canada to become 12 American states.

I like Americans, I just don’t want to be an American.

And finally, the comment made in years past the Calgary was becoming Canada’s Denver was a pejorative comment, not an approval.

The Big Blue Paint Can

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In Canada, in federal-level politics, the official colour for the Conservative Party of Canada is blue, the social-democratic New Democratic Party (NDP) uses orange, and the Liberal Party of Canada uses red.

We need to paint our Canadian House this fall.

We are now at the front door of a recommended paint store. “The best paint store in the world,” stated CES* the world’s most trusted paint advisor.

Inside the front door there are two glass doors.

Between the two doors, we read,

“Welcome to the world’s best paint store.”

Please look into the two rooms behind each of the glass doors.

After looking for a few minutes, you may, if you wish, enter each room separately.

It is not necessary to go into both rooms.

You must however make a purchase in one, and only one, of the two rooms

The door were made of glass, and it was easy to see what was in the room behind the door.

In the room to the left I could see various paint strips, bright, muted, complementary and contrasting colors . . . even different types of paint (inside and outside). And I could see over to one side there were strips of color for stains. I could see a separate section with all sorts of supplies; paints brushes, rollers, paint remover, gloves, plastic sheeting . . . everything needed and then some. As I stood by the door staring into this room on my left, a young married couple, together with whom assumed to be one set of parents, came into the store, excused themselves as they walked past me, opened the door to the left room and walked in.

They were greeted by whom I assumed to be salespeople, a man and a woman.

My spouse and I then look into the room on the right. The walls and the ceiling are a pale blue with a matching pale blue plush carpet on the floor.

There is a single item,a gallon paint can, in the middle of floor. There is no indication of the color inside the can. The color of the can is blue. Side and top (and probaby the bottom).

As we talked we watched people come into the store and tried to figure out why some went to the left and some to the right.

Those going to the left were rarely alone, while those going to the right were often alone.

Those going to the left spent before at least several minutes, and come out holding swathes of colors, talking with animation.

Those going into the room on the left went in for 1, maybe 2 minutes, and walked out with serious yet relieved look on their face.

I looked at my spouse, and shrugged my shoulders and mouthed “What’s going on?” And then, “Which door?”

The one on the right? Or the one on the left?

Blue Can

Can’t open

Pay with eye scan and the can is delivered to your home

Delivered can is different that the one in the store. it is more like a facsimile.

The sign beside Blue Can:

Contained in this can is all you need to paint your whole house inside and out.

No muss, no fuss.

One price

One can of paint

One paint color fits all

Red Room


Select Colors

Take home

Work with others to select best colors, paints or stains, inside or out, and with different application methods

You can go back and forth as often as you like.

Once every one painting their house this fall has chosen from either the left or right door and product(s) and process(es) within . . . if the majority have chosen the “Blue” nothing will happen for four months, but even at that time it is unlikely the Blue Can will be opened because there is nothing in the can but the same color that existed before the decision to paint your Canadian house.

However if you chose the product and processes behind the door on the left, you can immediately begin redecorating; using the colors uniquely suited for each room in the house as well as the environment surrounding the house.

This is just the beginning of this story.