The Delusion Solution: Put another fake shrimp on the barbie.

Posted on: October 6th, 2015 by Tom Pattillo No Comments

Australian recipe for Delusion Solution:

Build and ignite a big, big, big barbecue.

Promote this barbecue using every possible media.

Hire “actors” to convince the “hungry” populace of the excellent taste, nutritiousness, and just plain fantastic-ness of the “shrimp.”

Create a party atmosphere by providing free high alcohol content beer and wine, and let’er rip!

Then create a “plastic” realistic shrimp: taste, texture, smell. I mean it is incredibly life like. But with Absolutely NO nutritional value! NONE. But!

The plastic shrimp does contain the date drug (Rohypnol) and those ingesting it are VERY VERY susceptible to being manipulated into nefarious activities with no memory of their actions.

This is also known as the Bill Cosby strategy.


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