I told you the Conservatives would get vicious. (With dashes of sleaziness, duplicity, and farce.)

Posted on: October 8th, 2015 by Tom Pattillo No Comments

Ask yourself: why do comments supportive of Conservative “idiot” questions often have bad spelling and grammar? Why? Because this makes the replies seem to be written by those average, salt-of-the-earth Canadians who do not know the facts but sure know what they “think” (or have been told are the facts). Or is it a university trained Conservative propaganda clerk following the direction of his Australian mentor? Umm. There is no truth in these responses. They are planned, paid for, edited, and approved by the Australian Spin Doctor master mind. Please don’t be fooled, Canada is a very special place (or was and hopefully will be) but Harper’s vision is . . . well it is not my vision of Canada. Is it yours?

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