Saddle Trial Agreement

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Do not oil or clean the saddle during the test period. The saddle tests shipped are paid in full by PRIOR for shipping. Saddles sold through “bid” are not part of the saddle test program. Click here to see our return and refund terms. Stools should NOT be modified in any way, shape or shape during the testing period. Adjustable trees cannot be customized by someone during the trial period. When a saddle is changed, the saddle is put in the buyer`s possession and the full sale price of the saddle, plus the taxes and fees incurred are charged. Please note this. We recommend the use of a clean, slightly moist fabric to wipe away dirt, dust and sweat, and a product like tack butter to continue cleaning and conditioning the saddle. Please do not use traditional saddle soap or hard detergents.

For cosmetic or structural damage or uncleanliness, cleaning or repair costs are charged from $25 to the full price of the saddle (s). Saddlers Row professionals realize that you need to try the saddle you have chosen. We ask you to accept the saddle sampling: you have a 3-day trial period to evaluate the fit of the saddle. If you are satisfied with the fit, we welcome you to bring the saddle for additional conditioning. If you are not satisfied with the fit of the saddle, you must return the saddle to the store during the 3-day trial period, or it is considered sold. Please follow these rules during the saddle test: Any saddle returned with excessive wear, as defined by the steering, is automatically assessed with a minimum supplement of 10% of the value of the saddle. Management`s decision is final. This agreement, signed in two copies, is supposed to constitute a binding legal agreement. Local saddle tests last 3 days, and the exam begins the day after you pick up the saddle in the store.

The shipped saddle test phase begins the day you get the saddle, and lasts 5 days. Please indicate all markers, spots, cracks and stool damage prior to the test If you are taking a saddle for a local test version, please discuss with a member of our tack team the possibility of purchasing the saddle with a week`s return time. Otherwise, the saddle test times are set at 3 days for local tests and 5 days for the tests shipped. On the spot, we limit the stool to two to a single time. We have no limit for stools that go at this time on shipping attempts as long as they are purchased on our site. Please include the information below and email or print it out and fax it to 847-776-6574. Make sure you keep a copy for your recordings. You will receive a copy of this agreement for your registrations. We won`t let stools in without saddle cushions.

Stools should also be stored on a padded holder when not in use. Yes, yes. See the previous question about saddle maintenance expectations. Any saddle returned with excessive wear (rubbing of marks on the shutters, scratches in the surface of the leather, object, bite marks, missing parts, including blankets, etc.) is assessed with an increase of at least 10% of the value of the saddle. Skylands Saddlery reserves the right to determine the damage in its appropriate business judgment, based on the value of the saddle in its returned state in relation to the state when it is dealt with in court. We understand that the stools are belted and expect to see the stick marks. Note: Stools purchased through “Make an offer” or below the stated price are not subject to a trial period. All supported mailing stools must be fully paid for by credit card or cheque. Returned stools that have met the above criteria are fully credited according to the initial payment method.

In the case of a saddle purchased with a cheque, it must take ten business days before a refund cheque can be issued. Please call us if you have any questions during your saddle exam. Thank you very much! For versi

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