Allocated Precious Metals Accounts Agreement

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Most precious metals traded and traded in London are on an unassotted account basis. This is an account in which the customer does not have specific bars, but has a general right to a quantity of metal. This is similar to the operation of a bank account: a customer does not necessarily recover the same notes that he initially deposited. Similarly, a customer with an unaffected account who physically withdraws his metal does not necessarily recover the same gold bars he deposited. This is the most convenient, cheapest and most used method to hold the metal. Investors have to pay to store the allocated gold – 0.2% per year for volume buyers. Insurance is included in the storage fee. By signing the unassigned storage contract, the investor made a gold deposit. Customers who wish to cancel an order for the purchase or sale of precious metals should immediately contact Strategic Gold by phone to find out if it is possible to cancel such orders. As a clear title account program client, you have the unique flexibility to store your gold and silver bars in one or more of our international deposit boxes. Each of these vaults has the highest security information. In addition, your precious metals are always stored within the LBMA`s “chain of integrity”, allowing you to sell all or part of your assets at the spot market price at any time during the trading day.

Customers have the ability to locate their precious metals at the following locations: ACTIVITY INVOICES – Allows you to report on your account activities, including valuations of precious metals facilities, performance summaries and cash holdings, these reports can be generated individually for all accounts. You can also get activity summaries in a variety of third-party software formats. Strategic Gold arranges the purchase and storage of physical precious metal on your behalf and will provide you with a unique title proving your ownership and legal title to this bonded precious metal….

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