Carousel Industries Master Agreement

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Framework contracts and national contracts on raw materials are the main instruments for supplying the State to take advantage of its purchasing power. Framework contracts and national commodity contracts are generally national agreements that have been offered competitively, that have analyzed prices and have no dollar restrictions or restrictions on their use, unless otherwise specified in the agreement or contract. Use of these agreements is optional and is only available to California government and local authorities. “We are unique in the industry in offering both the suite from management services to security, video and data infrastructure, including Cisco, which we know will market with special and very different master agents,” tim Kennedy, vice president of transportation services at Carousel, said in an interview with CRN. CAROUSEL INDUSTRIES OF NORTH AMERICA, INC. Contact Information: Jay Moniz (401) “Most master agents use their contract vehicles to allow small partners to use some of their terms and commission rates, but very few have the project management resources we have,” Kennedy said. “A telecommunications agent or VAR who does not have a carrier practice can work on us and know that we will help any facility, from carrier to service, with the full support of our project management team.” CONTACT:Kelly Santosksantos@carouselindustries.com401-641-2237 On April 10, 2017, the State of California awarded the new 9-1 system and service contracts to nine (9) contractors responding to Tender (IFB) 8500-2016. The term of the contract is from April 10, 2017 to April 9, 2020 with four (4) one-year renewal options. All contractual agreements are competitive and are made available to agencies that spend public funds and draw up a pre-qualified list of suppliers. This simplifies the end user`s purchasing process and uses fair and reasonable prices.

Intelisys ranks #1 for forty best animal suppliers and ranks #2 for twelve others. Carousel Industries launches its first partner program, which allows solution providers to bundle and resell Carousel`s portfolio of solutions and services to become a one-stop shop for partners to meet customer needs. It`s simple. We have a unique focus — helping their businesses excel. Intelisys doesn`t make a single dollar in direct sales. Every resource we have is geared towards the success of our channel partners: a community of exceptional telecom agents, vars, IT solution providers, system integrators and MSPs. About Avaya Companies build on the experiences they offer, and every day, millions of those experiences are created by Avaya. For more than a hundred years, we`ve been enabling businesses around the world to win – by creating intelligent communication experiences for customers and employees. Avaya develops open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communication and cooperation – in the cloud, in the field or as a hybrid of both. To grow your business, we focus on innovation, partnership and a relentless focus on what`s next. We`re the technology company you trust to help you deliver experiences that are important. Visit us at

Solution provider Carousel Industries is sinking deeper into the channel and launching its first partner program, which VARs, MSPs and telecom agents are looking for to resell its large portfolio of solutions. . . .

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