Dog Sitting Agreement

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As with all of our model agreements, this is for educational purposes only. Please let your lawyer check all your contracts and agreements before entering into these documents This pet care agreement is perfect for parties looking for a robust agreement for the maintenance of their pet. Disagreements can arise if the grid or pet owner only uses informal or verbal promises and something unexpected happens to the pet. A pet care agreement, sometimes called a pet residence agreement or pet walking agreement, is a document between a service provider (the custodian) and a customer (normally the pet owner). In a pet care agreement, the service provider concludes a contract with the customer for the provision of certain pet-related services. This can be any type of pet care services, such as.B. Walking a dog, riding a cat or even sitting for a hamster! A pet care agreement contains all the information necessary for the service provider to properly care for the animal, often referred to as a “pet”. The Parties agree that some or all parts of this Agreement may be submitted to the other Party in a legible and registrable electronic form and become valid parts of the Agreement upon confirmation of receipt by the receiving Party. This agreement also contains all the important information about the pet, such as name, sex, age, type of animal and bite history.

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