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Conservative Attack Ads: Let the lying begin!

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The Conservative Context of “truth”



Climate Change

Pipeline dangers

Marijuana danger

Niqab danger

Refugee danger

Women’s Rights danger

See daily news for a multitude of Mr. Harper’s Paranoia and Narcissism

And finally:

Justin Trudeau is clueless on the economy

Now this is equivalent to the beliefs of many other “crazy” people with one idea, that they believe, if repeated enough will somehow become true:

The earth is flat

The moon is made of cheese

Measles vaccines causes autism

Elvis is still alive

There are monsters in the closet AND under the bed

Raped women can’t get pregnant

(You think of more examples, this is a really fun exercise. Remember if you don’t know why, make it up. And truthiness is like, just the best(!) thing. The bigger the lie, the easier it is to convince people to believe it.)

I told you the Conservatives would get vicious. (With dashes of sleaziness, duplicity, and farce.)

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Ask yourself: why do comments supportive of Conservative “idiot” questions often have bad spelling and grammar? Why? Because this makes the replies seem to be written by those average, salt-of-the-earth Canadians who do not know the facts but sure know what they “think” (or have been told are the facts). Or is it a university trained Conservative propaganda clerk following the direction of his Australian mentor? Umm. There is no truth in these responses. They are planned, paid for, edited, and approved by the Australian Spin Doctor master mind. Please don’t be fooled, Canada is a very special place (or was and hopefully will be) but Harper’s vision is . . . well it is not my vision of Canada. Is it yours?

Cornered Rat Behavior: Watch out Liberals and all Canadians: The Conservatives are being pushed into a corner.

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A cornered rat hits out, bites and scratches blindly in the fury of a desperate struggle for self-preservation.

The final days of Canada’s Federal Election will be vicious.

Cronyism: Conservative hiring principle

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cronyism: the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.

Cronyism rhymes with “phony-ism”

9 years


Why politicians must lie – and how selling ice-creams is like an election campaign by Warwick Smith

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It is a good read. Think of how it applies to Canada.

Stephen Harper’s incumbent challenge: you cannot prove your innocence by proving the guilt of others.

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Stephen Harper’s incumbent challenge: you cannot prove your innocence by proving the guilt of others.

Mr. Harper can criticize, fulminate against the ideas, and patronize the promised programs put forth by the other parties.

What Mr. Harper cannot do, however, is change the history of the last 9 years, and the impact his policies and legislation has had on Canada.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye.

Gather round boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. We have here, right before your very eyes, the newly created and manufactured, ultra sophisticated, smoke machine (similar to a fog machine but infinitely more powerful).

This smoke machine is manufactured in Australia and arrived a little over a month ago, to begin work on the Conservative campaign.

“Yes folks, it is a thing of beauty. A thing of power and influence.”

Look at these specs:

Full coverage from sea to sea to sea and the American border

No dangerous pollutants (if y0u are a rock, stone, piece of sand, or anything not alive).

Not only does it obscure all nefarious “Conservative” actions over the last 9 years, it creates a feeling of euphoria whereby all Conservative Promises are absolutely guaranteed to be implemented.

Guaranteed to cover all noxious smells including and not limited to, bullshit.

We are so, so, so lucky to have this incredible piece of election equipment.


“Great minds discuss ideas . . .

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“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Follow the progress of the Stephen Harper’s campaign strategy:

People: Justin is just not ready (and every other slur in that ad campaign)

People: the attack on Mulcair

People: the “Muslims”

Events: Only in as much that Mr. Australia could spin them into accoladed for Stephen and the Henchmen.

Ideas: If you have one idea that is big enough, there is no need for discussion. And aren’t we Canadians lucky, Harper’s philosophy borrowed from megalomaniacs with a mission says: “my way or the highway.”



The Delusion Solution: Put another fake shrimp on the barbie.

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Australian recipe for Delusion Solution:

Build and ignite a big, big, big barbecue.

Promote this barbecue using every possible media.

Hire “actors” to convince the “hungry” populace of the excellent taste, nutritiousness, and just plain fantastic-ness of the “shrimp.”

Create a party atmosphere by providing free high alcohol content beer and wine, and let’er rip!

Then create a “plastic” realistic shrimp: taste, texture, smell. I mean it is incredibly life like. But with Absolutely NO nutritional value! NONE. But!

The plastic shrimp does contain the date drug (Rohypnol) and those ingesting it are VERY VERY susceptible to being manipulated into nefarious activities with no memory of their actions.

This is also known as the Bill Cosby strategy.


The Tipping Point: Conservative Strategy to Prevent the Tipping Point

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Tipping Point: the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.

If we add up the number of negative actions by Stephen Harper and his cronies over the last 9 years (or in the last 12 months) the height of the tower of negativity begins to tip over. No more actions can be added. Anyone who has played with block knows, from the clattering of falling blocks, this reality.

What to do to prevent this tipping point? Support beams? Perhaps put the tower in a deep hole narrow enough to support a significant height. (Thus leaving only a small portion of the tower of negativity in view.)

Or perhaps the Australian version of the “cloak of invisibility”. This involves, in 2015, convincing everyone there is no tower of negativity. Or building an artificial tower of positivity, coated with shiny gold paint.

Whatever the Conservative delusion solution, it is hoped the Canadian electorate will allow the tipping to happen, and the reality of Stephen Harpers artifice to be seen.

What does this mean? Who is ahead? How even is the race between Liberals and PC’s

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The following table lists the results of the latest public opinion polls for the next Canada federal election.

Poll Breakdowns:NationalBritish ColumbiaPrairiesOntarioQuebecAtlantic Canada




2015-10-01 Innovative Research 5 29 6 31 29 n/a
2015-10-01 Nanos Research 4.3 31.9 3.9 33.5 25.9 ±2.8%
2015-09-30 Léger Marketing 6 30 6 32 26 ±2.1%
2015-09-30 Angus Reid 6 34 5 27 27 ±2.5%
2015-09-30 Nanos Research 4.8 32.8 4.1 31.7 26.1 ±2.8%
2015-09-30 Forum Research 5 34 5 27 28 ±3%
2015-09-29 Nanos Research 4.6 32.1 4.4 32.2 26.3 ±2.8%
2015-09-28 Nanos Research 4.4 32.6 4.0 31.4 27.0 ±2.8%
2015-09-28 Ipsos Reid 4 32 4 33 27 ±3.0%
2015-09-27 Nanos Research 4.2 33.0 3.6 31.6 26.9 ±2.8%
2015-09-27 Abacus Data 5 32 5 29 27 ±1.6%
2015-09-26 Nanos Research 4.0 31.5 3.7 32.5 27.6 ±2.8%
2015-09-25 Nanos Research 3.1 29.6 4.5 31.8 30.3 ±2.8%
2015-09-24 Nanos Research 2.5 28.9 4.2 32.3 31.1 ±2.8%
2015-09-24 Innovative Research 3 31 8 28 29 n/a
2015-09-23 Forum Research 4 31 4 31 28 ±3%
2015-09-23 Innovative Research 3 32 7 30 27 ±2.5%
2015-09-23 Nanos Research 2.3 30.5 3.7 31.5 30.8 ±2.8%
2015-09-23 Léger Marketing 5 31 5 31 29 ±2.1%
2015-09-22 Nanos Research 2.6 31.5 4.2 31.6 29.1 ±2.8%
2015-09-22 EKOS 4.2 35.4 7.7 26.3 24.5 ±2.0%
2015-09-21 Nanos Research 3.4 31.3 4.6 30.3 29.4 ±2.8%