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UAE Frustration

Posted on: October 23rd, 2011 by Tom Pattillo No Comments

I very much respect and admire Emirati youth, especially the young women.

I am passionate about teaching and training.

I believe that all investments, projects, and strategies must be proven by achieving the objectives set and agreed to by the initiators – from lowest rank to President.

“If you can’t do it, you don’t know it.”


“Performance is the only measure of success.”


There is such a disconnect between the reality of education effectiveness and the falsified dreams and self-serving projects proposed by sycophantic education bureaucrats.

These self-described “experts” then “manipulate” those in power who seem more influenced by credentials than credibility.

It is an axiom of personal growth that if you are constantly blamed for your failure to learn, rather than looking at the teachers, trainers, and processes, you, the learner, will become discouraged, cynical, and de-moralized.

The projects ARE NOT WORKING because the objective is to look good, look advanced, look impressive, look logical, look future oriented, and look “obvious”.

I cannot possibly express how angry I am at the “experts.”

The leaders Sheikh Nayan in particular I give the benefit of the doubt.

Those advising Sheikh Nayan however are the sycophants who are satisfied to sell what looks good, rather than something that has a chance of succeeding.

The UAE is squandering its future by trusting those who care only about filling their pockets (ex-pat “experts” and “professionals”) and maintaining that revenue flow.


These experts believe, that in order to ensure this revenue flow, it is better to “manage a problem than solve a problem”.

(Many of those “consultants” and “experts” when asked their company’s or personal mission will respond if they are honest, “the government has money and we want it.”

Yes I am fed up.

Yes I want the very best for Emirati youth.Yes I am a catalyst.

I keep trying, I will keep trying.