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Canada is not a warrior nation

Posted on: April 12th, 2012 by Tom Pattillo No Comments

Canada is not a warrior nation.

No exclamation point. No bold face. Just simply, Canada is not a warrior nation.

Canada is / was a peacekeeping nation.

Canada was first “turn-to” for objectivity, patience, intelligence and intuition.

Canada was . . .

❑ respected

❑ the “I trust your Canadian flag crest” on a hitchhiker’s back pack”

❑ a country that cared for its population

❑ a country where being rich obligated sharing that wealth with those less fortunate

❑ a country where tourism success was based on our “safety”, “natural beauty”, and friendly people

❑ a country were success was based on ability, hard work, and belief in self, rather than lotteries and casinos

❑ a country that built railways to connect region to region, Atlantic to Pacific, to make the nation a nation of equality

❑ a country where taxes were understood to be higher (business especially) because the country looked after the medical, retirement, social services, and mental health of the population

❑ a country proud of encouraging literacy in and out of educational institutions by supporting librarians

❑ a country where the ambition of the few were tempered by the wisdom of the many

❑ a country where the American culture was criticized by our leaders, academics, social commentators, and general population rather than considered worthy of total, unthinking, and injurious emulation

❑ a country that considered elections as the democratic process in action, not a war between enemies where every action no matter illegal, immoral, or unethical is permitted and encouraged

❑ a country that could (perhaps) unfortunately, but wisely scrap the Avro Arrow because it was not the best use of our limited financial resources.

❑ a country where billions of dollars would be spent (wasted) by the military (supported and protected by elected “officials”) without ever connecting these outrageous outlays to our huge budget deficits and the decision to put the “blame” on Canadian citizens and use “cutbacks”, layoffs, reduction of the most elemental services provided by a once-proud nation

❑ a country of streams, lakes, forests, seashores, mountains, and prairies were not merely resources to be exploited but rather were the amazing treasures Canadian inherited from . . . fill in your favorite deity or luck

❑ a country where the left and the right provided contrast and balance, not the ruling party

❑ a country where openness, transparency, and trust were the traditions handed down from Diefenbaker and Pearson rather the spin doctor lies promoted as true and the truth avoided by narcissistic, ego driven, “somethings” committed to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

❑ a country where environmental standards were proudly protected rather than deviously circumvented

❑ a country of hobbits not orks

❑ a country of Donald Duck, not McScrooge

❑ a country of McDonalds a restaurant, not McDonalds a real estate empire

❑ a country that would call me naive but not stupid, a utopian dreamer not a hopeless idiot

❑ a country more proud to be the little boy saying “the emperor has no clothes” rather than the sycophant praising the government leaders in hopes of more money from the government feeding trough.

❑ a country where Lister Sinclair could laud the Americans without wanting to be an American

❑ a country that considered comaraderie not superiority to be the basis of international policy

❑ a country where a hard-on was considered a bedroom event not a political philosophy

❑ a country that put education, public health, medical facilities and salaries, social welfare, and immigration ahead of corporate greed, bureaucratic greed, and trying to impress the Americans

❑ a country that loved being referred to as a socialist state (with fantastic medical care and social safety net) by Americans wise enough to admire good government lead by empathetic leaders rather right wing megalomaniac demigods sycophantly kowtowing to American right wing banshees

❑ a country where the Christian religion sought to save people though Christ not save the nation through donations to the television preachers

❑ a country where “snake-oil” sales people (primarily men) were considered unprincipled, unethical, and immoral rather than purveyors of one day wonder workshops, “on-line” coaching, and mass media manipulation

❑ a country where people recognized “man-who” statistics as mis-information and propaganda designed to influence action rather than any kind of logical representation of the truth

❑ a country where “golden parachutes” for management, bureaucratic or political failure were not admired and commonplace

❑ a country where personal responsibility was considered normal

❑ a country where success was based on effort, the distance traveled from “poor” to “rich” rather than winning a lottery

❑ a country that sought social justice and equality rather than high taxes on cigarettes, liquor, drugs, and lotteries that created higher taxes on for the most “needy”, unimportant, and powerless of its citizens

❑ a country seeking solutions to national embarrassment rather than glossing everything over with money, denigration, and short term blackmail

❑ a country that would see our aboriginal population not as a problem but an opportunity, not as a barnacle on the side of the Canadian Luxury Liner, but rather as paying, successful and proud passenger on a cruise to an enlightened future.

❑ a country that could accept an immigrant’s (or tourist’s) traditional dress as a proud symbol of the Canadian mosaic rather than an attack on democratic tradition. (The bride lifts her veil to engage her husband, just as a Muslim woman will lift her veil in the ballot booth to prove her citizenship (and RIGHT to vote in HER country’s elections)

❑ a country that prefers to be possibly overly prepared for day-to-day normality so that it can be prepared for natural, political, environmental disasters.

❑ a country more proud of educational achievement than athletic achievement

❑ a country willing to pay for needed infrastructure creation and maintenance before encouraging unlimited urban sprawl

❑ a country that condemns Syria and Libya yet proudly understand its role is not to provide military might to suppress but rather military ability to help pave the way for a long-term peace

❑ a country that understands the value of social welfare that keeps families and children from poverty and desperation is better than hiring more police officers and building bigger jails and penitentiaries when these children grow up to be criminals

❑ a country more concerned with balance than extremism

❑ a country wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove

❑ a country sly as a fox, harmless as a dove

❑ a country wise, cunning, crafty, shrewd, prudent, sagacious as serpents/snakes and harmless, innocent, simple, guileless as doves

❑ a country willing to take the time, and make the effort, to think deeply about alternatives, details, and a multiplicity of demands and priorities rather than accepting a “one size fits all” philosophy espoused by those who have already decided on their own what is best for the country, and see no value in challenging the Canadian population to think and feel (just because someone gives you an “easy” answer doesn’t make it the right answer. Even if you choose to ignore the facts, it does not meant the facts go away.)

a) excuse my poor grammar and possible lost of internal logic within a phrase
b) feel free to add your comments